Which is the best carrier for a newborn?

It is highly recommended that you carry the first 6 months of your newborn's life in your arms, ring sling or wrap. Only these 3 carriers are able to carry your baby in the most optimal position so they can develop their spine and hips properly.

Which is better for newborn; stretchy wrap, woven wrap or ringsling?

Stretchy wrap is great for beginners who wants to try wrapping. It is first wrapped around the wearers body before putting newborn in. It also allows wearer to take newborn out without the need to unwrap. As it has good amount of stretch, it is able to hold a newborn snugly without putting too much pressure. The downside with stretchy wrap, it does support well when baby is heavier, like 7kg onwards.

To wrap a newborn with a woven wrap, it is best to use the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) technique. The tying technique is similar to the stretchy wrap, but you need to retie after taking baby out. Which is not a bad thing; give your body some rest time. It is not so stretchy so you need to make sure you don't tie too tight. You actually will know when it's just right.

If long pieces of cloth turn you off, then consider a ringsling. It has 2 rings and a 2m cloth. It works similar like the Indonesian sarong carry style, but more comfortable on your shoulder.

Which carrier is easy to learn?

This is an individual preference. You need to try to know.

My baby have heat rash/ eczema; which material should I choose?

Bamboo or Organic cotton

Bamboo are soft at touch and less textured so it will not aggravate baby's sensitive skin.

Organic cotton will be a better option for bigger baby. It is not as cooling at bamboo, but it's much sturdier.

Most of the time normal cotton are suitable for sensitive skin too. If you can wear the normal t-shirts sold at stores, you can handle the cotton carriers.

Can I start with a short wrap?

If you are going to carry you baby who is between 0 - 6 months, it is best to start with a longer wrap which is 4.2m onwards.

For newborn up till 6 months, they need to be well supported around their hips and spine, hence the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) is the best way to go.

Otherwise, you can jump straight to a shorter wraps.

When should I learn Babywearing; before or after birth?

This is an individual preference.

Some worry they will forget after birth hence will arrange a session after birth.

Do not stress over this; parenting is already pretty overwhelming as it is. We all do the best we can for our baby, with our without Babywearing.

Why should I buy from Jars Of Fluff?

Jars Of Fluff provide after sale support via any channel you feel comfortable. You can send images of you carrying your baby for troubleshooting help, or pop over for quick tips and tricks on how get comfortable with your carrier.