Fundraising for Sinar Sofea

Jars of Fluff is collaborating with local mum-preneurs to raise funds for Persatuan Kebaikan Sinar Sofea.
This is the story of Rahayu, the founder of Sinar Sofea, who was sold into prostitution by her drug addict ex husband to clear his debts. She also contracted HIV from her husband, who kept her in the dark about his condition.

Rahayu defied all odds with her 4 children; homelessness, starvation, rejection from society. Today, she is the epitome of strength, resilience and courage. She and her new husband started an NGO called Persatuan Kebajikan Sinar Sofia, that aims to help women who is HIV positive and provides a shelter for these women and their children. They also help men and youths who are infected and affected with HIV, recovering drug addicts, women who are abused physically, and youths at risk.

Rahayu and Sinar Sofea also aims to raise awareness and educate the masses on HIV virus and remove the stigma associated with it.

Jars Of Fluff, together with Momma Dee, Mamalait, Salve Balm Keeper, A Cup Of Dee, From Fran With Love and Lini'B is joining our mummy forces to do a fundraiser for her cause. 100% of the proceeds from the sales would go to Sinar Sofia.

This is a collaboration between all the vendors; all mum-preneuer coming as one to celebrate the strength of mothers. Rahayu defied all odds and the only thing that kept her going, despite so many setbacks and suicidal thoughts, was her children. We want to celebrate that very reason; that a mother would do just about anything for her children, despite any circumstances.